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The Definition of - Congressman (noun)

    noun, plural congressmen. (often initial capital letter)
    a member of a congress, especially of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Word Example of - Congressman

    Example Sentences for congressman

    Then some high-falutin' Congressman got the idea they didn't want to do that any more, and he began to talk.

    In State politics he was more powerful than any Congressman he ever made.

    A Congressman of unusual brilliance and power follows this assault with one of even greater eloquence and bitterness.

    I can teach your Congressman economics, and your Supreme judge law.

    It's about what a Congressman gets, and you want to quit there!

    Congressman Brooks resigned his seat, but was immediately reëlected.

    Few heard him: the majority were applauding the congressman.

    There was a good deal of banter during the meal about "downing" the Congressman.

    A name was stamped in the sweatband, and by this the identity of the suicide was established as that of Congressman Jason Mallard.

    By the by, I've got a lot of seeds sent by a congressman, and I'll tell the old man he can have them.

Word Origin & History of - Congressman

    Word Origin & History

    congressman 1780, in ref. to U.S. Congress, and it first appears in a piece of abuse (written by a Loyalist):"Ye coxcomb Congressmen, declaimers keen, Brisk puppets of the Philadelphia scene ..."

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