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The Definition of - Creak (verb)

    verb (used without object)
    to make a sharp, harsh, grating, or squeaking sound.
    to move with creaking.
    verb (used with object)
    to cause to creak.
    a creaking sound.

Word Example of - Creak

    Example Sentences for creak

    From inside came the creak and whine of a windlass bearing a heavy load.

    I could hear them creak and groan under the pressure, as they went by.

    I heard the whisper of silk and the creak of seats as the members of my family at last settled comfortably into their seats.

    The post-supporters knew the creak or rattle or jingle of every "team" in Bixby.

    From the bow I heard the creak of the anchor-chains as they were drawn on board, and from the engine-room the tinkle of bells.

    There is not a sound, not a creak, not the rustle of a fold.

    Its song starts like the creak of the black-and-white warbler and ends like a chipping sparrow.

    Yea, with his wiry fiddlestring will he creak out his accursed variations.

    Every board seemed to creak as I trod gingerly toward the stairway.

    If the wheel should creak, it would be a sign that Nipen was passing.

Word Origin & History of - Creak

    Word Origin & History

    creak early 14c., "utter a harsh cry," of imitative origin. Used of the sound made by a rusty gate hinge, etc., from 1580s. Related: Creaky (1834).

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