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The Definition of - Crocodile (noun)

    any of several crocodilians of the genus Crocodylus, found in sluggish waters and swamps of the tropics.
    any reptile of the order Crocodylia; crocodilian.
    the tanned skin or hide of these animals, used in the manufacture of luggage and accessories, as belts, shoes, and wallets.
    Chiefly British. a file of people, especially schoolchildren, out for a walk.
    Archaic. a person who makes a hypocritical show of sorrow.

Word Example of - Crocodile

    Example Sentences for crocodile

    All of them believed that he was either drowning or attacked by a crocodile.

    "We might find some eggs in the crocodile," said Achang, as the body floated past the boat.

    They emblazoned the crocodile on their monuments, but never a fish.

    The crocodile lifted his head out of the water, and did not move again.

    The Crocodile had never spoken to him before, and he felt rather surprised.

    The only dangerous animals are the crocodile, serpents, and other reptiles.

    Several reliable witnesses informed her that they had been seen (and envied) departing with the crocodile for Harlingden.

    The crocodile had “choused” him out of his favourite supper.

    Some crocodile or hippopotamus crawling through the rushes might craunch the babe.

    Tonight, a crocodile shall be killed and eaten in his honor.

Word Origin & History of - Crocodile

    Word Origin & History

    crocodile 1560s, restored spelling of M.E. cocodrille (c.1300), from M.L. cocodrillus, from L. crocodilus, from Gk. krokodilos, word applied by Herodotus to the crocodile of the Nile, apparently due to its basking habits, from kroke "pebbles" + drilos "worm." The crocodile tears story was in English from at least c.1400.