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The Definition of - Harmful (adj)

    causing or capable of causing harm; injurious:
    a harmful idea; a harmful habit.

Word Example of - Harmful

    Example Sentences for harmful

    Is it not a dreadful thing that one's mind should be thus ruined by a useless and harmful practice?

    It is very probable, but not absolutely certain, that inbreeding is harmful.

    Wine is harmful if taken with greedy lips, but if drunk in moderation it is wholesome.

    It is a faculty which will protect us against all harmful suggestion.

    It is utterly worthless to God, and harmful to man; therefore, it must die.

    It seemed, however, that it might only be harmful if published then.

    This made a hot and palatable drink having the color of coffee without the harmful stimulus of its caffeine.

    Of these the alum powders are the most harmful and should be avoided.

    Some proprietary preparations are not harmful, but are positively inert.

    Having hands, which so aids a race, for instance, can also be harmful.

Word Origin & History of - Harmful

    Word Origin & History of Harmful

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