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The Definition of - Introduction (noun)

    the act of introducing or the state of being introduced.
    a formal personal presentation of one person to another or others.
    a preliminary part, as of a book, musical composition, or the like, leading up to the main part.
    an elementary treatise:
    an introduction to botany.
    an act or instance of inserting.
    something introduced.

Word Example of - Introduction

    Example Sentences for introduction

    Miss Manwaring came to me yesterday with a letter of introduction from Edna English.

    By a letter—an introduction given me by a friend in England.

    His introduction into the family excited a terrible sensation.

    Durtal took from his pocket-book the letter of introduction to the father.

    The introduction of these collateral subjects, may possibly impart additional interest to this volume.

    "This is the nurse of whom I spoke," was Maurice's introduction.

    They strenuously opposed the introduction of its opening sentences.

    The introduction of Christianity did not annihilate the older cults.

    Since the introduction of steam the engineering department has become an important one in such establishments.

    Every city and town that we visited was like the introduction of a new picture.

Word Origin & History of - Introduction

    Word Origin & History

    introduction late 14c., from O.Fr. introduction, from L. introductionem (nom. introductio) "a leading in," from introductus, pp. of introducere "to lead in, bring in, to introduce," from intro- "inward, to the inside" + ducere "to lead" (see duke). The sense of "formal presentation of one person to another" is from 1711. Shortened form intro is attested from 1923.