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The Definition of - Moment (noun)

    an indefinitely short period of time; instant:
    I'll be with you in a moment.
    the present time or any other particular time (usually preceded by the):
    He is busy at the moment.
    a definite period or stage, as in a course of events; juncture:
    at this moment in history.
    importance or consequence:
    a decision of great moment.
    a particular time or period of success, excellence, fame, etc.:
    His big moment came in the final game.
    Statistics. the mean or expected value of the product formed by multiplying together a set of one or more variates or variables each to a specified power.
    1. an aspect of a thing.
    2. Obsolete. an essential or constituent factor.
    1. a tendency to produce motion, especially about an axis.
    2. the product of a physical quantity and its directed distance from an axis:
      moment of area; moment of mass.

Word Example of - Moment

    Word Example of Moment

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Word Origin & History of - Moment

    Word Origin & History of Moment

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