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The Definition of - Plan (noun)

    a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., developed in advance:
    battle plans.
    a design or scheme of arrangement:
    an elaborate plan for seating guests.
    a specific project or definite purpose:
    plans for the future.
    Also called plan view. a drawing made to scale to represent the top view or a horizontal section of a structure or a machine, as a floor layout of a building.
    a representation of a thing drawn on a plane, as a map or diagram:
    a plan of the dock area.
    (in perspective drawing) one of several planes in front of a represented object, and perpendicular to the line between the object and the eye.
    a formal program for specified benefits, needs, etc.:
    a pension plan.
    verb (used with object), planned, planning.
    to arrange a method or scheme beforehand for (any work, enterprise, or proceeding):
    to plan a new recreation center.
    to make plans for:
    to plan one's vacation.
    to draw or make a diagram or layout of, as a building.
    verb (used without object), planned, planning.
    to make plans:
    to plan ahead; to plan for one's retirement.

Word Example of - Plan

    Word Example of Plan

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Word Origin & History of - Plan

    Word Origin & History of Plan

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