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The Definition of - abaft (adv)

    to the rear of; aft of:
    the fife rail abaft the mainmast.
    in the direction of the stern; astern; aft.

Word Example of - abaft

    Example Sentences for abaft

    The sounds seem as if they are coming from the right now abaft the beam, if anything.

    The sound came from abaft his beam and his disquietude increased.

    On the gratings around the stern, abaft the wheel, they laid her on soft cushions.

    Up with your helm, abaft there, and let her go off square before the wind!

    That part of the cable which is abaft the bitts, and therefore within board when the ship rides at anchor.

    "I'm on the port side just abaft the pantry," I answered, shaking him by the hand.

    The three of them stood by the rail just abaft the pilot house when the Arrow turned into the half-mile breadth of Folly Bay.

    Luxury starts from abaft, and is not wholly lost, even at the fore-peak.

    There were no deck lamps; the two skylights diffused but a sickly radiance, and I was abaft the side-lights.

    There was a capstan just abaft the mainmast, and here the men assembled.

Word Origin & History of - abaft

    Word Origin & History

    abaft O.E. on bæftan "backwards," the second component itself a compound of be "by" + æftan "aft" (see aft). Since M.E. used exclusively of ships, the stern being the "after" part of a vessel.