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The Definition of - adaptation (noun)

    the act of adapting.
    the state of being adapted; adjustment.
    something produced by adapting:
    an adaptation of a play for television.
    1. any alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its parts that results from natural selection and by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in its environment.
    2. a form or structure modified to fit a changed environment.
    3. the ability of a species to survive in a particular ecological niche, especially because of alterations of form or behavior brought about through natural selection.
    Physiology. the decrease in response of sensory receptor organs, as those of vision, touch, temperature, olfaction, audition, and pain, to changed, constantly applied, environmental conditions.
    Ophthalmology. the regulating by the pupil of the quantity of light entering the eye.
    Also, adaption
    [uh-dap-shuh n] /əˈdæp ʃən/ (Show IPA)
    . Sociology. a slow, usually unconscious modification of individual and social activity in adjustment to cultural surroundings.

Word Example of - adaptation

    Example Sentences for adaptation

    His adaptation of Homeric episodes has already been described.

    Their quality always consisted in their adaptation to the purpose.

    The laws of evolution, of heredity, of adaptation, hold good with human beings as with all other creatures of nature.

    Then the mores change by adaptation to new conditions and interests.

    Enough has been said to show how very inconclusive and unsatisfactory is our knowledge of the phenomena known as "adaptation."

    But it is my own adaptation, and I am too modest to put my name on a programme.

    It affords no explanation of the facts of adaptation, and has no causal value.

    Now, where there is selection and where there is adaptation there must be purposiveness.

    This can only be done by the adaptation of the organism to its environment, of the constitution to the conditions.

    The adaptation of parts to an end, I could perceive; the end itself puzzled me.

Word Origin & History of - adaptation

    Word Origin & History

    adaptation c.1600, "action of adapting," from Fr. adaptation, from L.L. adaptationem (nom. adaptatio), noun of action from adaptare (see adapt). Meaning "condition of being adapted" is from 1670s. Sense of "modification of a thing to suit new conditions" is from 1790. Biological sense first recorded 1859 in Darwin's writings.

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