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The Definition of - adulation (noun)

    excessive devotion to someone; servile flattery.

Word Example of - adulation

    Example Sentences for adulation

    It is strange that the man so little prone to adulation should, himself, be the recipient of almost universal adoration.

    The nation, following the lead of the political leaders, joined in their adulation.

    There is not in his history a trace of that rather gross adulation in which even Virgil does not disdain to indulge.

    After this rare bit of adulation Molière's fortune was made.

    Does he seek to enhance his glory by receiving the adulation of cringing slaves?

    No adulation was too fulsome for her, no flattery of her beauty too gross.

    The letter is filled with adulation, but expresses also the writer's honest approval of the king's momentary policy of peace.

    Through all this adulation Franklin passed serenely, if not unconsciously.

    Other Zulus explain this as the mere hyperbole of adulation.

    He had simply laughed off their adulation; but he was not laughing now.

Word Origin & History of - adulation

    Word Origin & History

    adulation late 14c., from O.Fr. adulacion, from L. adulationem (nom. adulatio), from adulatus, pp. of aduliari "to flatter," from ad- "to" + ulos "tail," from PIE *ul- "the tail" (cf. Skt. valah "tail," Lith. valai "horsehair of the tail"). The original notion is "to wag the tail" like a fawning dog (cf. Gk. sainein "to wag the tail," also "to flatter;" see also wheedle).

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