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The Definition of - altruist (noun)

    a person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others (opposed to egoist).

Word Example of - altruist

    Example Sentences for altruist

    Jerris the First was neither a power-mad dictator nor an altruist, although he had been called both.

    If I had your altruist emotional temperament, I should not hesitate for a moment.

    I am afraid that I am not enough of an altruist to care so definitely about the morals of a race unborn.

    On our knees the egotist must die, and the altruist be born.

    Egoists (with even thinner and weaker voices) denounce Him as an altruist.

    To be the altruist, one must first be the egoist (say the philosophers), to give, one must first have.

    In point of fact, of course, he is no more an altruist than any other healthy mammal.

    In the pastor Sudermann attempts to paint the altruist in action.

    People have tried to make him out an ordinary philanthropist, or ranked him as an altruist with the scientific and sentimental.

    But both egoist and altruist are philosophical abstractions.

Word Origin & History of - altruist

    Word Origin & History of altruist

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