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The Definition of - among (prep)

    in, into, or through the midst of; in association or connection with; surrounded by:
    He was among friends.
    in the midst of, so as to influence:
    missionary work among the local people.
    with a share for each of:
    Divide the cigars among you.
    in the number, class, or group of; of or out of:
    That is among the things we must do.
    by all or with the whole of; by most or with many of:
    popular among the people.
    by the joint or reciprocal action of:
    Settle it among yourselves.
    each with the other; mutually:
    They quarreled among themselves.
    familiar to or characteristic of:
    a proverb among the Spanish.

Word Example of - among

    Example Sentences for among

    You may be almost the first girl to apply, or you may be among the latest, but not the too latest.

    There was not one among them that would leave the wreck until the women were safe.

    It can call its preachers from among the fishermen, and raise them to power.

    Among the latter I found the name of Mrs. Goodridge and Mr. Spear.

    She was in a strange house, not in the Square or among her relatives.

    Here we made our second camp, on the point, among the pines and the hollies.

    We did not find you among the dead, so we followed your spoor.

    The ground we select is among the “barrens” before described.

    Among the Moors of Spain the use of signet rings was general.

    It is among the smallest of its tribe, measuring only one and a half inches in length.

Word Origin & History of - among

    Word Origin & History

    among O.E. on gemang "in a crowd," from gemengan "to mingle" (see mingle). Collective prefix ge- dropped 12c. leaving onmong, amang, among.

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