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The Definition of - analogue (noun)

    something having analogy to something else.
    Biology. an organ or part analogous to another.
    Chemistry. one of a group of chemical compounds similar in structure but different in respect to elemental composition.
    a food made from vegetable matter, especially soybeans, that has been processed to taste and look like another food, as meat or dairy, and is used as a substitute for it.

Word Example of - analogue

    Example Sentences for analogue

    It is in this latter sense, that it is the Analogue of the Bone.

Word Origin & History of - analogue

    Word Origin & History

    analogue 1826, "an analogous thing," from Fr. analogue, from Gk. analogon (itself used in Eng. from c.1810), from ana "up to" + logos "account, ratio" (see lecture). Computing sense is recorded from 1946.

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