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The Definition of - assert (verb)

    verb (used with object)
    to state with assurance, confidence, or force; state strongly or positively; affirm; aver:
    He asserted his innocence of the crime.
    to maintain or defend (claims, rights, etc.).
    to state as having existence; affirm; postulate:
    to assert a first cause as necessary.
    assert oneself, to insist on one's rights, declare one's views forcefully, etc.:
    The candidate finally asserted himself about property taxes.

Word Example of - assert

    Example Sentences for assert

    We may therefore venture to assert that neither of these plays was acted earlier than 1593.

    With what certainty would we assert that we have 'already received?'

    My two guests would tell me nothing, except to assert that they knew nothing of their followers, or why they began shooting.

    When we say that Cromwell was a Protector of England, we do not assert that he was the only protector.

    They set England at the center of the stage, and talk of her ambition to assert her economic dominion throughout the world.

    Not until dinner was nearly over did I make an effort to assert myself.

    But to assert that even the most unguarded passages of the book made for impiety was a great mistake.

    Some assert that it is only a leap, and this is the prevailing opinion.

    Who will assert that so beautiful and necessary a provision could be the result of chance?

    “And I assert the friendship of a lifetime,” Evander persisted.

Word Origin & History of - assert

    Word Origin & History of assert

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