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attenuated Meaning in English

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The Definition of - attenuated (adjective)

    verb (used with object), attenuated, attenuating.
    to weaken or reduce in force, intensity, effect, quantity, or value:
    to attenuate desire.
    to make thin; make slender or fine.
    Bacteriology, Immunology. to render less virulent, as a strain of pathogenic virus or bacterium.
    Electronics. to decrease the amplitude of (an electronic signal).
    verb (used without object), attenuated, attenuating.
    to become thin or fine; lessen.
    weakened; diminishing.
    Botany. tapering gradually to a narrow extremity.

Word Example of - attenuated

    Example Sentences for attenuated

    The attenuated form, the pale face, and the sunken eyes of his once beautiful child, failed to move his compassion for her.

    Paternal grossness was attenuated by the maternal influence.

    The shadows on the grass lay lank and attenuated when the folks came back from the Pastime Rink.

    The spiritual is the intensity of power; the physical is the attenuated.

    Harvey glanced rather contemptuously at the lean, attenuated arm that the other displayed, where he had rolled his cuffs back.

    This kind of beer will have attenuated sufficiently in from 30 to 36 hours.

    Pasteurism, pas-tėr′izm, n. the method of inoculation with the attenuated virus of certain diseases, esp.

    His attenuated back is rounded off with a stoop between the neck and shoulders.

    Only about twenty persons were now left in the attenuated crowd, and the sight of the soldiers was enough to disperse them.

    Larva short, stout, attenuated at extremities, with short hairs.

Word Origin & History of - attenuated

    Word Origin & History

    attenuate "to make thin, to make less," 1520s, from L. attenuatus, pp. of attenuare "to make thin," from ad- "to" + tenuare "make thin," from tenuis "thin" (see tenet). Related: Attenuating (early 17c.).