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The Definition of - bilk (noun)

    verb (used with object)
    to defraud; cheat:
    He bilked the government of almost a million dollars.
    to evade payment of (a debt).
    to frustrate:
    a career bilked by poor health.
    to escape from; elude:
    to bilk one's pursuers.
    a cheat; swindler.
    a trick; fraud; deceit.

Word Example of - bilk

    Example Sentences for bilk

    Bubbly, I contrived to bilk the doctor, by going twice a day to a place with a hole in it, over some large cookery vapours.

    He's expecting a cablegram—this duffer, this scrub, this bilk!

    We observe that a new planet has been discovered at Bilk, in Germany.

    This gaffer contrived to 'bilk' all the turnpikes in the kingdom.

    Dost thou not wish to pass this gorge, and bilk the toll that's due save I use force to get it?

    In the suburb of Bilk there are the Floragarten and Volksgarten, the astronomical observatory and the harbour.

    This could be no other than an incantation, and Bilk stood rooted to the spot, unable to advance or retreat.

    In short, Bilk had very few brains, and such as he had he occupied by no means to the best advantage.

    You are a high-toned, gentlemanly sort of a bilk, and wouldn't take anything you couldn't lift.

    Have you set another man on the track with a view to bilk me of my promised fee?

Word Origin & History of - bilk

    Word Origin & History

    bilk 1650s, from the noun (1630s), first used as a cribbage term. Origin obscure, it was believed in 17c. to be "a word signifying nothing," perhaps of Arabic origin; but it is rather perhaps a thinned form of balk. Meaning "to defraud" is first recorded 1670s.

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