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The Definition of - brazier (noun)

    a metal receptacle for holding live coals or other fuel, as for heating a room.
    a simple cooking device consisting of a container of live coals covered by a grill or thin metal top upon which the food, usually meat, is placed.

Word Example of - brazier

    Example Sentences for brazier

    Yet we should not have seen its beauty,” said Brazier, “if we had not caught it.

    I tried an experiment in a closed room today, lighting the brazier.

    A brazier is at the solicitation of the guests placed in the drawing room.

    Set the brazier here, by me; it is very cold, and I would sit by it for a time.

    The brazier full, Mrs. Carville rose, the handle in her hand.

    And then came Jasper to announce that Ali waited with the brazier and the heated manacles.

    Rob only gazed at him piteously, and Brazier responded to the signal himself.

    The gasping cry had come from Conrad by whom the brazier was set.

    He flung the fragments into the brazier, and they were consumed.

    "I will do as you command," he said, and picked up the brazier and turned to go.

Word Origin & History of - brazier

    Word Origin & History

    brazier "metal container to hold burning coals," 1680s, from Fr. brasier "pan of hot coals," from O.Fr. brasier, from brese "embers" (see braise).

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