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The Definition of - canker (noun)

    a gangrenous or ulcerous sore, especially in the mouth.
    a disease affecting horses' feet, usually the soles, characterized by a foul-smelling exudate.
    a defined area of diseased tissue, especially in woody stems.
    something that corrodes, corrupts, destroys, or irritates.
    Also called canker rose. British Dialect. dog rose.
    verb (used with object)
    to infect with canker.
    to corrupt; destroy slowly.
    verb (used without object)
    to become infected with or as if with canker.

Word Example of - canker

    Example Sentences for canker

    This is a very strange way of showing your Respect, Mr. Canker.

    Beware of the little beginnings which 'eat as doth a canker.'

    But she remembered Joseph of Pella, the shepherd; even then his wholesomeness was not without its canker.

    This covetousness is like canker, that eats the iron place where it lives.

    What is everything, if there is a canker at the heart; what matters if hell goes on burning in our lives?

    No wonder, no wonder, that like a canker it had eaten into his heart.

    Their lives had suddenly come to flower; and there was no canker in any of the blossoms.

    She grew up unsullied by what was eating into me as a canker.

    By some thrush is believed to be but the commencement of canker.

    Archbishop Sands said: "This canker (usury) hath corrupted all England."

Word Origin & History of - canker

    Word Origin & History

    canker O.E. cancer, from L. cancer (see cancer); influenced in M.E. by O.N.Fr. cancre (Mod.Fr. chancre). The word was the common one for "cancer" until c.1700. Canker blossom is recorded from 1580s.

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