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The Definition of - capitalist (noun)

    a person who has capital, especially extensive capital, invested in business enterprises.
    an advocate of capitalism.
    a very wealthy person.

Word Example of - capitalist

    Example Sentences for capitalist

    The fundamental error of this system of economic organization was soon found to be desirable by the capitalist class.

    If you had become a capitalist you might have grown whiskers and become respectable.

    Mind you also that this applies just as much to the man who is working for wages as to the capitalist and every owner of property.

    Otherwise the continuity of the capitalist world is unthinkable.

    The settler who carried out labour, found his servant desert him to occupy land acquired by the capitalist who carried out money.

    Great Britain is the most successful of the capitalist states.

    The economists of the capitalist era talk solely of the means and ways by which profit and surplus value may be increased.

    This is the challenge of the workers of Europe to the capitalist system.

    The capitalist will then clearly be a gainer, and the entrepreneur will be a loser.

    Perhaps this friend of the Earl of Essex might be the capitalist for whom he was in search.

Word Origin & History of - capitalist

    Word Origin & History

    capitalist 1791, from Fr. capitaliste, a coinage of the Revolution and a term of reproach; see capital. Capitalistic is from 1873.

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