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The Definition of - carton (noun)

    a cardboard or plastic box used typically for storage or shipping.
    the amount a carton can hold.
    the contents of a carton.
    a cardboardlike substance consisting of chewed plant material often mixed with soil, made by certain insects for building nests.
    verb (used with object)
    to pack in a carton:
    to carton eggs for supermarket sales.
    verb (used without object)
    to make or form cardboard sheets into cartons.

Word Example of - carton

    Example Sentences for carton

    It attracted Mr. Lorry's eyes to Carton's face, which was turned to the fire.

    "I was not present at the ceremony; but my opinion is you were," said Carton.

    It was Carton that brought him here for the first time, a week ago.

    "I have no business to be, at all, that I know of," said Sydney Carton.

    Darnay was seated, writing a last letter to Lucie, when Carton entered.

    "You are a good man and a true friend," said Carton, in an altered voice.

    If, upon opening a carton, concealed damage is discovered, open the entire shipment and note all equipment so damaged.

    Mr. Lorry had not thought of that, and he looked quickly at Carton to see if it were in his mind.

    Sydney Carton looked at his punch and looked at his complacent friend; drank his punch and looked at his complacent friend.

    Carton, with his right hand in his breast, stood close beside him.

Word Origin & History of - carton

    Word Origin & History

    carton 1816, from Fr. carton "pasteboard," from It. cartone "pasteboard," augmentive of M.L. carta "paper" (see card (n.)). Originally the material for making paper boxes; extended 1906 to the boxes themselves.

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