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The Definition of - casing (noun)

    a case or covering; housing.
    material for a case or covering.
    the framework around a door or window.
    the outermost covering of an automobile tire.
    any frame or framework.
    a steel pipe or tubing, especially as used in oil and gas wells.
    a layer of glass that has been fused to an underlying layer of glass of a different color or of different properties.
    the thin, tubular membrane of the intestines of sheep, cattle, or hogs, or a synthetic facsimile, for encasing processed meat in making sausages, salamis, etc.
    Nautical. the walls surrounding a funnel.
    a channel created in a garment or other article to carry a drawstring or elastic, as by sewing a strip of cloth to the basic material with two parallel rows of stitches.

Word Example of - casing

    Example Sentences for casing

    It consists of little balls of reindeer meat chopped fine, and surrounded with a casing of dough.

    The fur looked interesting, and he skinned it out, casing the hide.

    The casing of the doorway remained, but the door had gone, and in its place hung a piece of tattered sacking.

    This casing was separated from the pattern and given a coat of shellac on the inside.

    This casing was open at the top, and the water flowed thence into the boiler by gravitation.

    The mice, two in number, came out from beneath the casing of the fireplace.

    Fig. 204 shows a complete Pelton wheel with frame and casing, supply pipe and nozzle.

    The casing also serves to retain a certain amount of lubricant.

    Finally, she discovered a small crevice in the casing, through which she at once crawled.

    Now she was leaning against one casing of the doorway, now against the other.

Word Origin & History of - casing

    Word Origin & History

    case "state of affairs," early 13c., from O.Fr. cas "an event," from L. casus "a chance," lit. "a falling," from cas-, pp. stem of cadere "to fall, sink, settle down, decline, perish" (used widely: of the setting of heavenly bodies, the fall of Troy, suicides), from PIE base *kad- "to lay out, fall or make fall, yield, break up" (cf. Skt. sad- "to fall down," Armenian chacnum "to fall, become low," perhaps also M.Ir. casar "hail, lightning"). The notion being "that which falls" as "that which happens." Widespread extended senses in law, medicine, grammar, etc. In case "in the event" is recorded ...from mid-14c. Case history is from 1912, originally medical; case study is from 1933, originally legal.

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