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The Definition of - central (noun)

    of or forming the center:
    the central hut in the village.
    in, at, or near the center:
    a central position.
    constituting something from which other related things proceed or upon which they depend:
    a central office.
    principal; chief; dominant:
    the play's central character.
    Anatomy, Zoology.
    1. of or relating to the central nervous system.
    2. of or relating to the centrum of a vertebra.
    Phonetics. (of a speech sound) produced with the tongue articulating neither expressly forward nor in the back part of the mouth, as any of the sounds of lull.
    Physics. (of a force) directed to or from a fixed point.
    1. a main telephone exchange.
    2. a telephone operator at such an exchange.

Word Example of - central

    Example Sentences for central

    central plane separates all colors into two contrasted fields.

    If the central organization is privately owned it demands a heavy profit.

    It is small, circular in shape, and reaches a central depth of 214 feet.

    The next, the central fires of the earth seemed to have burst loose.

    The central couch or sofa (lectus medius) was the first place.

    This is the way in which the "adobe" bricks of Central America are made.

    But the results and records are kept at the one central headquarters.

    The houses are built in Spanish fashion, with a central court-yard.

    The Buddhist literature discovered in Central Asia represents, like its architecture, several periods.

    Insect life is as active in Central America as in other parts of the tropics.

Word Origin & History of - central

    Word Origin & History

    central 1647, from L. centralis, from centrum (see center). As U.S. colloquial for "central telephone exchange" is first recorded 1889.

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