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The Definition of - circle (noun)

    a closed plane curve consisting of all points at a given distance from a point within it called the center. Equation: x 2 + y 2 = r 2 .
    the portion of a plane bounded by such a curve.
    any circular or ringlike object, formation, or arrangement:
    a circle of dancers.
    a ring, circlet, or crown.
    the ring of a circus.
    a section of seats in a theater:
    dress circle.
    the area within which something acts, exerts influence, etc.; realm; sphere:
    A politician has a wide circle of influence.
    a series ending where it began, especially when perpetually repeated; cycle:
    the circle of the year.
    Logic. an argument ostensibly proving a conclusion but actually assuming the conclusion or its equivalent as a premise; vicious circle.
    a complete series forming a connected whole; cycle:
    the circle of the sciences.
    a number of persons bound by a common tie; coterie:
    a literary circle; a family circle.
    Government. an administrative division, especially of a province.
    Geography. a parallel of latitude.
    1. (formerly) the orbit of a heavenly body.
    2. meridian circle.
    Surveying. a glass or metal disk mounted concentrically with the spindle of a theodolite or level and graduated so that the angle at which the alidade is set may be read.
    a sphere or orb:
    the circle of the earth.
    a ring of light in the sky; halo.
    verb (used with object), circled, circling.
    to enclose in a circle; surround; encircle:
    Circle the correct answer on the exam paper. The enemy circled the hill.
    to move in a circle or circuit around; rotate or revolve around:
    He circled the house cautiously.
    to change course so as to pass by or avoid collision with; bypass; evade:
    The ship carefully circled the iceberg.
    verb (used without object), circled, circling.
    to move in a circle or circuit:
    The plane circled for half an hour before landing.
    Movies, Television. to iris (usually followed by in or out).
    circle the wagons,
    1. (in the early U.S. West) to form the wagons of a covered-wagon train into a circle for defensive purposes, as against Indian attack.
    2. Slang. to prepare for an all-out, unaided defensive fight:
      The company has circled the wagons since its market share began to decline.

Word Example of - circle

    Example Sentences for circle

    Tie to the foundation thread of the first oval of the first circle.

    The tree quivered and fell asunder, its fragments lying in a circle.

    He passed apart from them; and they drew in a circle, while he prayed, kneeling.

    The spine of its neck was so constructed that it could describe a circle with its head.

    Step outside of the circle of firelight with me, and take a look around.

    Then in a while he showed Brock something that looked like the circle of their sun.

    She had not attended the gatherings of the Circle at his house for a considerable time.

    All round the Hall there was a circle of fire through which none might pass.

    Really, it is hard to imagine who could have had the audacity to introduce a creature like that into our circle.

    Should anyone in the circle be hit by the bag he takes the place of the center toad.

Word Origin & History of - circle

    Word Origin & History

    circle c.1300, from O.Fr. cercle, from L. circulus "small ring," dim. of circus (q.v.). Replaced O.E. trendel and hring. Meaning "group of persons surrounding a center of interest" is from 1714; that of "coterie" is from 1640s; dim. form circlet is from late 15c. The verb is from late 14c.