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The Definition of - cloth (noun)

    noun, plural cloths
    [klawth z, kloth z, klawths, kloths] /klɔðz, klɒðz, klɔθs, klɒθs/ (Show IPA)
    a fabric formed by weaving, felting, etc., from wool, hair, silk, flax, cotton, or other fiber, used for garments, upholstery, and many other items.
    a piece of such a fabric for a particular purpose:
    an altar cloth.
    the particular attire of any profession, especially that of the clergy.
    the cloth, the clergy:
    men of the cloth.
    1. one of the lengths of canvas or duck of standard width sewn side by side to form a sail, awning, or tarpaulin.
    2. any of various pieces of canvas or duck for reinforcing certain areas of a sail.
    3. a number of sails taken as a whole.
    Obsolete. a garment; clothing.
    of or made of cloth:
    She wore a cloth coat trimmed with fur.

Word Example of - cloth

    Example Sentences for cloth

    Watch the next experiment to see what a strong acid will do to cloth.

    Then he bound a cloth about his head and went to bed pretending that he was sick.

    The body was now enfolded in the cloth, and returned to the friends.

    There was a circular hole at one end, stopped, when it was first seen, with cloth.

    "That's more than I can say of myself," said the Cloth Dog sadly.

    In storms a piece of cloth hung over it, which partially kept out wind and rain.

    This is an excellent translation, is clearly printed on good paper and nicely bound in cloth.

    Was the purchase of his cloth a dream, or work of the devil?

    The warm surface thus first touches the skin, and afterwards the cold in the body of the cloth penetrates gradually.

    It was Dard who let out that she was gone to Beaurepaire for some cloth to make him a shoe.

Word Origin & History of - cloth

    Word Origin & History

    cloth O.E. clað "a cloth," hence, "garment," from P.Gmc. *kalithaz, origin obscure. The cloth "the clerical profession" first attested 1701.