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The Definition of - commodity (noun)

    noun, plural commodities.
    an article of trade or commerce, especially a product as distinguished from a service.
    something of use, advantage, or value.
    Stock Exchange. any unprocessed or partially processed good, as grain, fruits, and vegetables, or precious metals.
    Obsolete. a quantity of goods.

Word Example of - commodity

    Example Sentences for commodity

    If I foresee a dearth, may I not keep my commodity till then?

    "I did not say I had a monopoly of the commodity," she rejoined, evidently wishing that she had.

    A commodity is a drug on the market at one dollar, until somebody is willing to pay a dollar and a half for it.

    In commerce, is the weight of a commodity alone, without the package.

    Then for the first time it tackled the heart of the matter, in revising the commodity rates in the great cases now under review.

    But nails were a commodity quite as scarce with them as tools.

    That is the first condition a commodity must satisfy to perform the function of a measure of value.

    Her friendship was not a commodity to be bought with tea and buttered toast.

    He is a purchaser of labor, and like every other purchaser wants to get that commodity at the lowest figure.

    He had also a trick to mingle his commodity, that that which was bad might go off with the least mistrust.

Word Origin & History of - commodity

    Word Origin & History

    commodity 1410, from M.Fr. commodité "benefit, profit," from L. commoditatem (nom. commoditas) "fitness, adaptation," from commodus (see commode).