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The Definition of - condensation (noun)

    the act of condensing; the state of being condensed.
    the result of being made more compact or dense.
    reduction of a book, speech, statement, or the like, to a shorter or terser form; abridgment.
    a condensed form:
    Did you read the whole book or just a condensation?
    a condensed mass.
    (in nontechnical usage) condensate.
    the act or process of reducing a gas or vapor to a liquid or solid form.
    Chemistry. a reaction between two or more organic molecules leading to the formation of a larger molecule and the elimination of a simple molecule such as water or alcohol.
    Meteorology. the process by which atmospheric water vapor liquefies to form fog, clouds, or the like, or solidifies to form snow or hail.
    Psychoanalysis. the representation of two or more ideas, memories, feelings, or impulses by one word or image, as in a person's humor, accidental slips, or dreams.
    Physics. the relative amount by which the density of an elastic medium varies from its average value as a sound wave passes through it.

Word Example of - condensation

    Example Sentences for condensation

    There are at least two and probably more stages of condensation.

    A tale must aim at condensation, but a bore acts in solution.

    It seems the condensation of a whole youth of study, dreams and sentiment, of a tortuous, timorous youth.

    It is really a condensation of the facts, as the trail is shortened where uninteresting.

    The inflow at "X" and condensation fills recess "R" with water more or less cool.

    Evaporation and condensation, woods and glaciers, have all been brought into play.

    It looks as if it would so obligingly yield to the need either of condensation or expansion.

    He was too profuse indeed with his facts: he had not the art of condensation.

    (d) Must be provided with means for automatic removal of condensation from gas passages.

    There was a condensation in the Nearer Rim for a second bearing.

Word Origin & History of - condensation

    Word Origin & History

    condensation c.1600, "action of becoming more dense," from L. condensationem, noun of action from condensare (see condense). Meaning "conversion of a gas to a liquid" is from 1614.

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