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The Definition of - constellation (noun)

    1. any of various groups of stars to which definite names have been given, as Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Bo├Âtes, Cancer, Orion.
    2. the section of the heavens occupied by such a group.
    1. the grouping or relative position of the stars as supposed to influence events, especially at a person's birth.
    2. Obsolete. character as presumed to be determined by the stars.
    a group or configuration of ideas, feelings, characteristics, objects, etc., that are related in some way:
    a constellation of qualities that made her particularly suited to the job.
    any brilliant, outstanding group or assemblage:
    a constellation of great scientists.

Word Example of - constellation

    Example Sentences for constellation

    But by that time the superior metal of the Constellation began to tell.

    But at this period there happened to be a constellation of princes.

    We next come to the eighth constellation of the Zodiac, which is one of the most beautiful of this belt of stars.

    No star, no constellation, has any appreciable influence on our solar system.

    After this, he passed to the nocturnal heavens, and became the constellation of the Great Bear.

    Aldebaran is the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus.

    The brightest star in the constellation is Alpha, or Algenib, in the center of the row.

    It is situated in the constellation Cetus, a little south of the equator.

    This is a star of the first magnitude, Alpha in the constellation of the Centaur.

    The centre of the circle in the constellation of Draco is the pole of the ecliptic.

Word Origin & History of - constellation

    Word Origin & History of constellation

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