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conterminous Meaning in English

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The Definition of - conterminous (adjective)

    having a common boundary; bordering; contiguous.
    meeting at the ends; without an intervening gap:
    In our calendar system, the close of one year is conterminous with the beginning of the next.

Word Example of - conterminous

    Example Sentences for conterminous

    On the one hand it is conterminous with national virtue, on the other it is the ordinance and will of God.

    Conterminous with the Kachari on the east and the Garo on the west.

    Conterminous with the Menapians on the south, and with the Frisians on the north.

    Conterminous with the Russians, and the Courland Lithuanians.

    Conterminous with the Khamti on the south, and the Abors on the west.

    Conterminous with the Caribs, Salivi, and other unplaced tribes.

    Conterminous with the Singpho, by whom they have been nearly extinguished.

    Conterminous with Him in origin there may have been some other spirits.

    The soul of man seems bared to the soul of Nature, and human thought and the universal mind seem contiguous and conterminous.

    It appears, therefore, that some of the spirits seem to have been conterminous with the life of Paia-Njambi in the eternities.

Word Origin & History of - conterminous

    Word Origin & History

    conterminous 1670s, from L. conterminus "having a common boundary," from con- "together, with" + terminus (see terminus).