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The Definition of - contribution (noun)

    the act of contributing.
    something contributed.
    an article, story, drawing, etc., furnished to a magazine or other publication.
    an impost or levy.
    Insurance. the method of distributing liability, in case of loss, among several insurers whose policies attach to the same risk.

Word Example of - contribution

    Example Sentences for contribution

    A contribution to a knowledge of the herpetological fauna of El Peten, Guatemala.

    This contribution to native literature is not the work of a day.

    This was her usual and only contribution towards a solution of the Irish question.

    The first Jewish contribution to the drama dates from the ninth century.

    Merriwell added his contribution to the collection the musicians were taking up.

    I suppose Barbara may know, considering her contribution to this matter.

    Bea, with lingering care, 85 deposited her contribution on the very top.

    Evelyn gave the priest a contribution to his mission church.

    The form in which it is given to our world would be the contribution of the medium.

    The past has made its contribution, and has died in making it.

Word Origin & History of - contribution

    Word Origin & History

    contribution late 14c., from L. contributionem, from contribuere "to bring together, add, contribute," from com- "together" + tribuere "to allot, pay" (see tribute). Used in Eng. in fig. sense of "crushed in spirit by a sense of sin."

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