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The Definition of - cropper (noun)

    a person or thing that crops.
    a person who raises a crop.
    a person who cultivates land for its owner in return for part of the crop; sharecropper.
    a plant that furnishes a crop.
    a cloth-shearing machine.
    come a cropper, Informal.
    1. to fail; be struck by some misfortune:
      His big deal came a cropper.
    2. to fall headlong, especially from a horse.

Word Example of - cropper

    Example Sentences for cropper

    Our favourite of all, was a large handsome pouter or cropper.

    There is bound to come a cropper somewhere––usually where you least expect it.

    "You deserve to break the King's back over the first cropper," laughed the Seraph.

    He'll be redheaded if he knows I am to blame for his coming a cropper.

    Thereby his quantitatively equal consumption comes a cropper.

    Once he had had great expectations, but alas!dad had just come a cropper.

    Many a youth took a cropper hereabouts, and among them was Sid.

    So you came a cropper with her, and then you tried it on with me?

    I should feel certain that I should come a cropper, but still I'd try it.

    These they afterwards packed up and sent off to Cropper and Co. at Liverpool.

Word Origin & History of - cropper

    Word Origin & History of - cropper

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