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The Definition of - cutpurse (noun)

    Older Use. a pickpocket.
    (formerly) a person who steals by cutting purses from the belt.

Word Example of - cutpurse

    Example Sentences for cutpurse

    I feel as if only to think of it were lowering myself to the level of some cutpurse.

    He tickles his ears with a straw, and while he is pleased with scratching it, picks his pocket, as the cutpurse served Bartl.

    Feb. 10th, at two after none I toke a cutpurse taking my purse out of my pocket in the Temple.

    Here and there, a cutpurse slunk through the crowd, seeking his own type of bargain—an unwary victim.

    The pickpocket plied his trade, only he was then a cutpurse.

    A Cutpurse is of the surest trade; for his work is no sooner done, but he hath his money in his hand.

    Januka, my fingers are itching (indicating the fisherman) to kill this cutpurse.

    He excludes "the insolence of office," and "the cutpurse of the empire and the rule."

    Some apprentices had caught a cutpurse in the crowd, and were beating him unmercifully.

Word Origin & History of - cutpurse

    Word Origin & History

    cutpurse "one who steals by the method of cutting purses, a common practice when men wore their purses at their girdles" [Johnson], mid-14c., from cut (v.) + purse. The word continued after the method switched to picking pockets.