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The Definition of - damage (verb)

    injury or harm that reduces value or usefulness:
    The storm did considerable damage to the crops.
    damages, Law. the estimated money equivalent for detriment or injury sustained.
    Often, damages. Informal. cost; expense; charge:
    What are the damages for the lubrication job on my car?
    verb (used with object), damaged, damaging.
    to cause damage to; injure or harm; reduce the value or usefulness of:
    He damaged the saw on a nail.
    verb (used without object), damaged, damaging.
    to become damaged:
    Soft wood damages easily.

Word Example of - damage

    Example Sentences for damage

    This will damage the thread and prevent the nut from turning loose.

    Miss Todd will be appalled at the damage you've done to the floor.

    What if he had made us pay for the damage you did, or had had you arrested?

    But the answer to this is, that he does intend to do the damage complained of.

    In her efforts to repair the damage, much time had passed before Priscilla appeared.

    Because of this he does a great deal of damage and is much disliked by farmers.

    The Germans have a specially large new one here which is doing a lot of damage.

    Because of this and the damage he does to crops, man is his greatest enemy.

    I came on my friend telling this crowd of eager new secretaries of the damage that the Gothas had done the night before.

    He squinted at the mizzen rigging where the lanterns revealed the damage.

Word Origin & History of - damage

    Word Origin & History

    damage late 13c., from O.Fr. damage "loss caused by injury," from dam "damage," from L. damnum "loss, hurt, damage."

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