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The Definition of - deception (noun)

Word Example of - deception

    Example Sentences for deception

    A great portion of his strength lay in his capacity for deception.

    But everything savoring of deception was universally condemned.

    The false display at Dublin was a deception both to the king and to the Irish.

    You acknowledge the deception, and we will let the farce end here.

    Of course, after the deception was begun, she wouldn't betray me.

    Few people, I suppose, have ever had a glimpse of this workshop of magic and deception.

    The deception was pardoned, and Shaws subsequent freaks seem to have been fewer, and of a milder character.

    In the distance it appeared only a few yards in height, but that might be a deception of the eye.

    She was forced to squeeze tears out to keep up the deception she had begun.

    Mr. Waterford said they were; but that was a part of his deception.

Word Origin & History of - deception

    Word Origin & History

    deception early 15c., from pp. stem of L. decipere (see deceive).