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The Definition of - declension (noun)

    1. the inflection of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives for categories such as case and number.
    2. the whole set of inflected forms of such a word, or the recital thereof in a fixed order.
    3. a class of such words having similar sets of inflected forms:
      the Latin second declension.
    an act or instance of declining.
    a bending, sloping, or moving downward:
    land with a gentle declension toward the sea.
    deterioration; decline.
    deviation, as from a standard.

Word Example of - declension

    Example Sentences for declension

    The whole system of declension and conjugation is subject to it.

    A verb is a word capable of declension and conjugation also.

    Although in all languages the verb is equally capable of declension, it is not equally declined.

    How long have you been working at the first declension in the Latin grammar, Jamie?

    She must now be middle-aged, but the decay of physical beauty is not so sad a spectacle as the mind's declension.

    The declension will be gradual, but it will be perfectly steady.

    Just as before, his declension begins with distrust; and just as before, dissimulation is the product of the distrustful spirit.

    This is answered in the negative, by a load of debt, and the declension of trade.

    Words like dominus and domina, that is, words where the declension is affected by the sex, are to be found even in English.

    The good Maxime does not know a declension, but that does not matter.

Word Origin & History of - declension

    Word Origin & History

    declension 1560s, a grammatical term, ult. from L. declinationem, noun of action from declinare (see decline); perhaps via French; "the form is irregular, and its history obscure" [OED].

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