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The Definition of - decrement (noun)

    the act or process of decreasing; gradual reduction.
    the amount lost by reduction.
    Mathematics. a negative increment.
    Physics. the ratio of amplitudes of a damped harmonic motion in the course of two successive oscillations.

Word Example of - decrement

    Example Sentences for decrement

    It is perfectly intelligible that a progressive fatigue and decrement of the magnitude of contraction must ensue.

    The decrement in the capacity of the grooves follows the proportion of 15 to 11.

    The rate-of-decrease meter registered a decrement of point ten units per unit.

    Decrement, dek′re-ment, n. the act or state of decreasing: the quantity lost by decrease.

    Evolution is the decrement of this difference between the purely formal and the actual.

    See an admirable statement of the three forms of decrement, in Hay, Trait de Minralogie, vol.

Word Origin & History of - decrement

    Word Origin & History

    decrement 1620s, from L. decrementum, from stem of decrescere (see decrease).

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