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The Definition of - deleterious (adj)

    injurious to health:
    deleterious gases.
    harmful; injurious:
    deleterious influences.

Word Example of - deleterious

    Example Sentences for deleterious

    Freedom from the deleterious action or habit-forming tendencies of the opiates.

    But it is also true that some of the most deleterious books we have are romances.

    Yet in this same country it is illegal to sell a deleterious drug!

    Moreover, slavish imitation in any art has a deleterious influence.

    I hope the bill will pass without any deleterious amendments.

    War is unlikely to begin in India, and the climate is deleterious in the summer months.

    (d) The deleterious substance is not uniformly distributed through the fish, but is confined to certain parts.

    These deleterious chlorinated oily compounds may be removed by agitation with strong sulphuric acid, or by distillation from it.

    Never use earthen-ware, to hold any thing acid, as the lead glazing may produce the most deleterious effects.

    The resultant work stoppages and the under-utilization of available capacity have had a deleterious effect on productivity.

Word Origin & History of - deleterious

    Word Origin & History

    deleterious 1640s, from Gk. deleterios, from deleter "destroyer," from deleisthai "to hurt, injure."

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