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The Definition of - depreciation (noun)

    decrease in value due to wear and tear, decay, decline in price, etc.
    such a decrease as allowed in computing the value of property for tax purposes.
    a decrease in the purchasing or exchange value of money.
    a lowering in estimation.

Word Example of - depreciation

    Example Sentences for depreciation

    It is true, and he waved his hand in a gesture of depreciation, that I am not of this country and am rather a stranger to you all.

    But in 1741 the rate of depreciation was certainly much higher.

    Accounts 95 and 98 are closed into a depreciation adjustment account.

    As he could not forgive Descartes, so Cousin cannot forgive him for his depreciation of Descartes.

    He took an active share in the various expedients of the government for stopping the depreciation of the assignats.

    You know what it came to, labor, materials, depreciation on machinery—everything?

    The opinion of a depreciation of its value not well founded, 100.

    Another allusion, we suppose, to the depreciation of the Mark.

    After this depreciation of the Omnipotent, what says this philosophy of our soul?

    "There's a good view from the window," he said to console her for his depreciation of the picture.

Word Origin & History of - depreciation

    Word Origin & History

    depreciation 1767, "a lowering of value" (originally of currency), noun of action from depreciate. Meaning "loss of value of a durable good by age or wear" is from 1900.

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