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The Definition of - derogatory (adj)

    tending to lessen the merit or reputation of a person or thing; disparaging; depreciatory:
    a derogatory remark.

Word Example of - derogatory

    Example Sentences for derogatory

    And since Philippina never spoke of Daniel in any but a derogatory and spiteful tone, Dorothea felt perfectly safe on that ground.

    She used the caste rating as though it was not quite a derogatory term.

    Detract′ive, Detrac′tious, Detract′ory, tending to detract: derogatory.

    They warmly shook hands, as Roger did not consider it derogatory.

    The argument founded on the derogatory word "person" need not detain us.

    That officer thought the ox-cart was derogatory to the dignity of the army.

    There had been some understanding,—so he thought,—between his wife and Sir Francis Geraldine which was derogatory to his honour.

    In his haste he had said derogatory things about Robin in his heart, which was unreasonable.

    Then the ruin of the Jews is derogatory to the honour of their Divine Protector.

    Happy she could at least clear herself from so derogatory a design, she opened her door.

Word Origin & History of - derogatory

    Word Origin & History

    derogatory c.1500, from L. derogatorius, from derogare "detract from," also "repeal partly," from de- "away" + rogare "ask, question, propose" (see rogation).

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