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The Definition of - desirable (noun)

    worth having or wanting; pleasing, excellent, or fine:
    a desirable apartment.
    arousing desire or longing:
    a desirable man or woman.
    advisable; recommendable:
    a desirable law.
    a person or thing that is desirable.

Word Example of - desirable

    Example Sentences for desirable

    In the past this form of loan has not been so desirable as it will be in the near future.

    Crockery is desirable for some bowls, jars, and serving dishes.

    It was desirable to engage them for five years, but some refused to engage for more than three.

    When the work will permit, it is desirable to round the arrises to about a ⅜-in.

    Many, I know, believe it desirable that the surface of the water in a well should be exposed to the air.

    Now, in what measure will it be desirable to adopt the local way of life?

    The fundamental error of this system of economic organization was soon found to be desirable by the capitalist class.

    Or perhaps, are there times when the one attitude is desirable, and times for the other?

    If she leaves two of them to entertain each other, the conversation does not flow with desirable spontaneity.

    Not that the school-books are not desirable, too, or that Eyebright did not miss them.

Word Origin & History of - desirable

    Word Origin & History

    desirable late 14c., from Fr. désirable (12c.), from désirer (see desire).

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