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destine Meaning in English

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The Definition of - destine (verb)

    verb (used with object), destined, destining.
    to set apart for a particular use, purpose, etc.; design; intend.
    to appoint or ordain beforehand, as by divine decree; foreordain; predetermine.

Word Example of - destine

    Example Sentences for destine

    But fortune did not destine that he should long enjoy his honours in peace.

    Where the æons ahead of us destine it to end none of us can tell.

    The following experiment showed, that   when the queen is lost, they destine worms only a few hours old to replace her.

    For in 3840 is matere men weren wont to maken questiouns of e simplicite of e purueaunce of god and of e ordre of destine.

    They are often useful at home in the summer season, or circumstances may destine them to hire away.

    But somme inges ben put vndir purueaunce at sourmounten e ordinaunce of destine.

    Such men may not be poor now, but destine themselves to be the fathers of poor children.

    The provision which I destine for him will be an humble one, and he will need to rely upon his own efforts.

    It would have been to plant the Travers here on the very spot I destine for myself.

    Many planters are opposed to giving their sons, whom they destine to succeed them as farmers, a classical education.

Word Origin & History of - destine

    Word Origin & History

    destine c.1300, from Fr. destiner (12c.), from L. destinare "make fast or firm, establish" (see destination). Originally in English of the actions of deities, fate, etc. Of human choices or actions, from early 16c. Related: Destined.