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The Definition of - detriment (noun)

    loss, damage, disadvantage, or injury.
    a cause of loss or damage.

Word Example of - detriment

    Example Sentences for detriment

    This sad state of affairs reflects in two ways to the detriment of medicine.

    Then there was a trial about some timber which had been cut, to the detriment of the landowner.

    It has hitherto been to the detriment of truth that these processes of positive investigation have been repudiated.

    The nearer proximity of water we consider a detriment to the robustness of a community.

    There was no inconsistent public utterance, no doubtful transaction, no scandalous paper to bring forward to his detriment.

    Had she any feeling which would lead her to use her influence to their detriment?

    He already knew that he had ignored the bodily to the detriment of his spiritual existence.

    She could watch night and day without the least detriment to her nerves.

    Of course, it would be well if she paid everything, but she cannot favor some creditors to the detriment of others.

    This should be skimmed off as it forms, for it is a detriment to the jelly.

Word Origin & History of - detriment

    Word Origin & History

    detriment c.1440, from L. detrimentum, from detri-, stem of detere "wear away," from de- "away" + terere "to rub, wear" (see throw). Metaphoric sense of "impair" was present in classical L.

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