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The Definition of - devolution (noun)

    the act or fact of devolving; passage onward from stage to stage.
    the passing on to a successor of an unexercised right.
    Law. the passing of property from one to another, as by hereditary succession.
    Biology. degeneration.
    the transfer of power or authority from a central government to a local government.

Word Example of - devolution

    Example Sentences for devolution

    It is an old native element recast in Roman form, and well illustrates the Roman principle of local government by devolution.

    The method of division shows a devolution of responsibility.

    There is no possibility of devolution here; it cannot delegate its functions to this faculty or to that.

    It stands for evolution rather than for devolution or revolution.

    Plans of devolution and Grand Committees will fail to cope with this evil.

    Devolution is quite as natural as evolution, and may be just as pleasing, or even a good deal more pleasing, to God.

    Sir Antony MacDonnell was the author of what is called the devolution policy.

    Only the deliberation of geological movements can be contrasted with the evolution and devolution of the constellations.

    For devolution there must be a thought-out plan equally applicable to each several part of the United Kingdom.

    Devolution, dev-ol-ū′shun, n. a passing from one person to another.

Word Origin & History of - devolution

    Word Origin & History

    devolution 1545, from de- + (e)volution. Used in various legal and fig. senses; in biology, as the opposite of evolution, it is attested from 1882.

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