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The Definition of - diagram (noun)

    a figure, usually consisting of a line drawing, made to accompany and illustrate a geometrical theorem, mathematical demonstration, etc.
    a drawing or plan that outlines and explains the parts, operation, etc., of something:
    a diagram of an engine.
    a chart, plan, or scheme.
    verb (used with object), diagramed or diagrammed, diagraming or diagramming.
    to represent by a diagram; make a diagram of.

Word Example of - diagram

    Example Sentences for diagram

    This principle of overbalancing the exciting coils is shown on diagram, Fig. 2.

    "I know the spot well," he exclaimed, after looking at the diagram for a moment.

    The diagram (Fig 76) shows these splints in the horse's or ass's foot of to-day.

    The details of a box for this purpose can best be shown by a diagram (Fig. 3).

    On Friday night Mr. Driscoll talked defence against shifts, first chalking his diagram on the black surface beside him.

    The issue between them did not require a diagram to explain it.

    Only one feature in the diagram was fortunately absent the evening we went up, namely, the rain-shower e.

    I want you to study this diagram and the figures by which it is accompanied, Jonathan.

    For young players the club may be placed nearer one goal than the other at first, as shown in the diagram.

    A diagram sketch of the arrangement adopted is shown by Fig. 153.

Word Origin & History of - diagram

    Word Origin & History

    diagram 1619, from Fr. diagramme, from L. diagramma, from Gk. diagramma (gen. diagrammatos) "that which is marked out by lines," from diagraphein "mark out by lines, delineate," from dia- "across, out" + graphein "write, mark, draw." The verb is 1840, from the noun.