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The Definition of - difficult (adj)

    not easily or readily done; requiring much labor, skill, or planning to be performed successfully; hard:
    a difficult job.
    hard to understand or solve:
    a difficult problem.
    hard to deal with or get on with:
    a difficult pupil.
    hard to please or satisfy:
    a difficult employer.
    hard to persuade or induce; stubborn:
    a difficult old man.
    disadvantageous; trying; hampering:
    The operation was performed under the most difficult conditions.
    fraught with hardship, especially financial hardship:
    We saw some difficult times during the depression years.

Word Example of - difficult

    Example Sentences for difficult

    And it is difficult to suppose that Moses had not received a complete education.

    Sophia found the first half-hour not at all difficult to surmount.

    It is difficult to account for the object of this strange proceeding.

    It was difficult to conceive how they could be further injured.

    But, really, the noise of that screw makes it difficult to hear distinctly.

    I think it will be difficult,” said Mrs Campbell; “but they will try all they can.

    Dion had found it difficult not to be forced from the litter while answering.

    It was difficult to swallow this bitter pill which Providence had administered.

    Yet it is not difficult to conjecture the reason for his change of plan.

    Through no fault of her own, she is placed in a difficult position.

Word Origin & History of - difficult

    Word Origin & History

    difficult c.1400, apparently a back formation from difficulty. French has difficile, Latin difficilis. Of persons, "hard to please," from 1580s.