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disquisition Meaning in English

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The Definition of - disquisition (noun)

    a formal discourse or treatise in which a subject is examined and discussed; dissertation.

Word Example of - disquisition

    Example Sentences for disquisition

    In his disquisition on Argent or silver, he remarks, “Being fine it is medicinable.”

    This is hardly the place for a disquisition upon African Latin.

    But while I am writing a disquisition on the etymology of the word, the "shiveree" is mustering at Mandluff's store.

    The disquisition on the reasons for the Euxine's freezing over is, however, new.

    Posterity has generally regarded that disquisition as proving Livy's patriotism more strongly than his impartiality or acuteness.

    Why even did he not continue his disquisition on the philosophic value of allusiveness?

    He pursued, with visible pleasure, that kind of disquisition which was naturally suggested by them.

    But there was no time for disquisition, the second bee being now ready for a start.

    On Music, as a branch of study, we have almost a disquisition from the pen of Aristotle.

    During supper, I had to listen to a disquisition on lying from Suki.

Word Origin & History of - disquisition

    Word Origin & History

    disquisition 1605, "subject for investigation," also "systematic search," from L. disquisitionem (nom. disquisitio), from stem of disquirere "inquire," from dis- "apart" + quærere "seek, ask" (see query). Sense of "long speech" first recorded 1647.