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The Definition of - dissolution (noun)

    the act or process of resolving or dissolving into parts or elements.
    the resulting state.
    the undoing or breaking of a bond, tie, union, partnership, etc.
    the breaking up of an assembly or organization; dismissal; dispersal.
    Government. an order issued by the head of a state terminating a parliament and necessitating a new election.
    death; decease.
    a bringing or coming to an end; disintegration; decay; termination.
    legal termination, especially of business activity, with the final distribution of assets, the fixing of liabilities, etc.
    Chemistry. the process by which a solid, gas, or liquid is dispersed homogeneously in a gas, solid, or, especially, a liquid.

Word Example of - dissolution

    Example Sentences for dissolution

    After the dissolution of the University of Wittenberg his father was transferred to Halle in 1815.

    In such pressing danger of famine and the dissolution of the army, mutiny appeared almost inevitable.

    It was again restored on the dissolution of the armed neutrality.

    In the process of dissolution and reincarnation the band instruments had disappeared.

    The Governor next endeavoured to obtain a coalition Ministry, but failed, and a dissolution was granted (April, 1909).

    What, if any, explanation can one find in the dissolution of Yugoslavia?

    The dissolution of the convention did not take place till the Monday following.

    The argument for non-extension is an argument for the dissolution of the Union.

    Consequently, even if we regard the breath holding as resistiveness, it would still be related to her idea of dissolution.

    The dissolution of the Union was the dissolution of Slavery.

Word Origin & History of - dissolution

    Word Origin & History

    dissolution c.1400, "separation into parts," also "dissolute living," from L. dissolutionem, noun of action from dissolvere (see dissolve).

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