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The Definition of - distich (noun)

    noun, Prosody.
    a unit of two lines of verse, usually a self-contained statement; couplet.
    a rhyming couplet.

Word Example of - distich

    Example Sentences for distich

    Under each picture is a distich, composed by the king himself.

    The distich may be an interpolation, or at least deeply corrupted in its present form.

    Propertius had put this distich in an elegy in which he narrated a nocturnal promenade between Rome and Tibur.

    A war is undertaken for an epigram or a distich, as in Europe for a duchy.

    The asyndeton in this distich is odd, given the preceding series of connectives.

    All the Proverbs in this selection are in the form of a distich.

    Distich, dis′tik, n. a couple of lines or verses, making complete sense: a couplet.

    Why was the chant arrested at the conclusion of this first distich?

    In this distich is another line of which Pope was not the author.

    "Your poetry, Mr. Dunquerque," said Mr. Beck, pointing to the distich with pride.

Word Origin & History of - distich

    Word Origin & History of distich

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