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The Definition of - downgrade (verb)

    a downward slope, especially of a road.
    adjective, adverb
    verb (used with object), downgraded, downgrading.
    to assign to a lower status with a smaller salary.
    to minimize the importance of; denigrate:
    She tried to downgrade the findings of the investigation.
    to assign a lower security classification to (information, a document, etc.).
    on the downgrade, in a decline toward an inferior state or position:
    His career has been on the downgrade.

Word Example of - downgrade

    Example Sentences for downgrade

    From Houston we turned onto Elm, which was a rather sharp turn with a downgrade, sir.

    There is no downgrade in normal youth; it is its nature to climb, to look up.

    "Not enough to keep him from skiddin' on a downgrade," said Mormon.

    It had no brakes, and fearing failure of the transmission on a downgrade, he was reluctant to ride in the machine.

    As she hesitated, trying to decide which way to go, she felt her skis slipping along a downgrade where none should have been.

    The car was moving at a relatively slow speed—but still over fifty miles an hour, on a narrow unpaved, downgrade road.

    In the general ferment, commercial honesty had been on the downgrade.

    On and on the downgrade of the mountain road they bounded, causing the sleigh to bounce from one side to the other.

    The inference is obvious: that the Monarchists are on the upgrade, and the Republicans on the downgrade.

    As he did this the turnout reached a point in the road where the downgrade was greater than ever.

Word Origin & History of - downgrade

    Word Origin & History

    downgrade 1858 (n.), 1930 (v.), from down (adv.) + grade.

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