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The Definition of - drunk (noun)

    being in a temporary state in which one's physical and mental faculties are impaired by an excess of alcoholic drink; intoxicated:
    The wine made him drunk.
    overcome or dominated by a strong feeling or emotion:
    drunk with power; drunk with joy.
    pertaining to or caused by intoxication or intoxicated persons.
    an intoxicated person.
    a spree; drinking party.
    past participle and nonstandard simple past tense of drink.

Word Example of - drunk

    Example Sentences for drunk

    Eli's been drunk some, bur his girls are really a good deal of help.

    Krill was master when drunk, and his wife mistress when he was sober.

    Two-thirds of her crew are drunk, t'other third are ashore or sick.

    Just get drunk looking at her every time I see her, but I couldn't open my mouth if I tried.

    Bananas had been ashore, drinking some native spirit, and he was drunk.

    I was not so drunk at this time that I could not understand that I had been robbed.

    When they were all drunk she mounted her war-horse, leaning her head upon her spear.

    Smith says they were enabled to escape because their guard got drunk.

    It may be drunk hot or cold, but in any case must never be allowed to boil.

    They were not killed by its effects, but acted as if they were drunk.

Word Origin & History of - drunk

    Word Origin & History of - drunk

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