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The Definition of - effusive (adjective)

    unduly demonstrative; lacking reserve:
    effusive greetings; an effusive person.
    pouring out; overflowing.
    Geology. extrusive (def 3).

Word Example of - effusive

    Example Sentences for effusive

    The greeting was not effusive, for she had seen the Bigiels at the railway.

    Ella returned their effusive greetings as dutifully as she could.

    A friend of his has invested something, too, rambled on the effusive Peter.

    Miss Kresney came forward with a rather too effusive warmth of manner.

    Instead of merely bowing to Mrs. Poughkeepsie, Kindelon, with effusive cordiality, put forth his hand.

    Dr. Jones shut off their effusive demonstrations as quickly as possible.

    They made fun of her behind her back, but to her face were most effusive.

    Mabel and Jane came with eager smiles and effusive congratulations.

    Her brother-in-law was not an effusive or sympathetic man by nature, but still he knew what was his duty under the circumstances.

    Harris saw and checked the effusive thanks on Willett's lips.

Word Origin & History of - effusive

    Word Origin & History

    effusive 1660s, from L. effus- (see effusion) + -ive. Related: Effusively.